Playing Roulette Online

Humble Beginnings: The History of Roulette
Historians point out that the famous game was actually developed in the early 17th century by a group of French downtown gamblers. This group was not fond of the usual card gamble, so they began to devise a game that makes use of other things such as a wheel and a pebble. By no mistake, these objects bear close resemblance to the modern-day contraption. Thus, many believe that it was that event that paved the way to the establishment of European Roulette. It was only later on that the game landed on distant lands and the American Roulette was made. It can be noted that this new version was only developed during the period of industrial trading. Nevertheless, both versions have very close gaming antics that one cannot be differentiated from the other unless one has fully understood their basic principles. Nevertheless, one major difference that is undeniable between the two is the number of slots present on their wheels. Whilst the European Roulette has 37 slots, which is numbered from 0 to 36, the American Roulette has 38 slots, which has simply added the value of a double zero to the numbered slots.


Roulette Contraptions and Setting
As depicted in any show, the game is set in an area where a specially designed betting table is nestled. Atop this table is the spinning wheel-like contraption. Both American and European versions use this same setup. The wheel is divided into two betting partitions: the outside and the inside. The inside area bears all the figurative values – 0 to 36 for the European and 00, 0 to 36 for the American version. The outside partition on the contrary is very tricky as it is divided into two categories: colour and integral value. By colour, the boxes may be in black and red while by integral value the boxes may be considered as odd or even. Players can mix and match the interior and exterior partitions to gain more chances of winning bigger prizes.


Gaming Mechanics – Playing Roulette
Players are tasked to make their bet on any box or spot they think the ball will land into. Once everyone has placed his bet on the table, the gambling personnel will announce that the table will not be accepting bets anymore. Then, he is to rotate the wheel while shouting “No more bets!” to make sure that nobody will make unnecessary changes on their wagers. While the contraption is spinning, the dealer will throw in the ball. Upon the cessation of the rotating motion, the players as well as the personnel will wait until the ball has finally landed on a single spot. Once, the winning digit has been identified, the croupier will put on a dolly to its figure and the winners can then claim their prizes. the winning number is referred to as the hot number. Players who has gotten this correct will win an equivalent chip to the ones they have wagered. Alongside this, special terms apply to the players who won based on the exterior partition i.e. by colour and by integral value.


Pay-out System

  • A single digit bet or a straight up pays as much as 35 is to 1.
  • A divided or split bet pays 17 is to 1. Split bet is done by placing the bet on the line that straddles two figures or values
  • A street bet or line bet pays as much as 11 is to 1. Players can do this by placing their bet on the vertical line that divided the outside and inside partitions of the wheel
  • A quad bet or simply a corner bet pays as much as 8 is to 1. Players do this by putting their bets on the corners of the value they are rooting for. A basket bet pays as much as 6 is to 1 and is done by wagering on a five-numbered value for example, 00-0-1-2-3.
  • A double street pays out as much as 6 is to 1. The chip or bet is placed on the line separating the outside and inside partitions while allowing the chips to straddle the rows above and below it
  • A dozen bet can pay about 2 is to 1. This is done by placing a bet on 12 consecutive numbers such as the boxes for 1-12, 13-14, and 25-36
  • A column bet pays simiar to the dozen bet, 2 is to 1. The value also compirse twelve digits however this time they may not be in consecutive order.
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